• Feb 28, 2014
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How to Keep Your Floors Beautiful - Welcome Mats

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Pink Ribbon Welcome Mats from Carpet One

Did you know that tiny pieces of tracked in dirt act like sand paper on hardwood floors? Not to mention, all that dirt and grime can get caught in your carpet and tracked all over your house. You can try the "shoes off" rule but there's another simple way to protect your floors from the dirt trying to catch a free ride into your home on your feet - welcome mats. That's right, welcome mats aren't just for dressing up your doorway. A good entryway mat can catch dirt before it has a chance to wreak havoc on your floors.

When you're choosing a welcome mat, look for one that is large enough to span the entire width of your door. You'll also want fibers that will help sweep the dirt off your feet. To protect the floor underneath your mat, you might want to look for a rubber backing that will keep liquids from seeping through to your floors. The pink ribbon welcome mats from Carpet One Floor & Home are a great example of a good welcome mat. They have a rubber backing that grips to your floor to stay in place and as a bonus, they're machine washable.

Welcome mats are available in all kinds of designs and colors so no matter what your style, there's no excuse not to protect your floors at every entryway.

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