• Jan 16, 2015
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2015 Lighting Trends

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Lighting is an important part of your decor. These 2015 lighting trends will help you see how light can change a room.

Beautiful, Functional Bathroom Lighting

Single overhead lights in the bathroom are out. And forget about mirror lights that shine only from above casting dark (and unflattering) shadows on your face. In addition to adding more natural light, today’s bathrooms feature cross-lighting techniques that provide light from above, below and the sides. To accomplish this effect lighting fixtures are available in all shapes and sizes. You’ll often see lights being installed directly on the mirror providing the appearance of additional lighting due to reflection.

Evelyn Eshun Bathroom Lighting Trends 2015

Bathroom design by Evelyn Eshun

Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting extends beyond simply lighting a dark doorway or ensuring that you don’t trip on the stairs. Lighting used to accent architectural features of your home or landscape can enhance the beauty of your home all through the night. Using lighting to highlight the outside of your home can add curb appeal that doesn’t end when the sun sets.

Outdoor Lighting Trends 2015 Kichler

Kichler Outdoor Lighting 

Wall Decor

Creative lighting fixtures are migrating to all areas of the home. We’re not just talking pretty lamps and chandeliers – new lighting fixtures are taking center stage as works of art on your walls. When you’re thinking of lighting for your space, don’t limit your choices to lamps, sconces and ceiling lights – think about ways that you can incorporate beautiful light into your wall décor.

2015 Lighting Trend Wall Art

Bingo Light Fixture from Progress Lighting 

See the rest of our 2015 Design Trends in the free winter issue of the Beautiful Design Made Simple digital magazine.

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