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tiger-striped cat lounging on plush pet-friendly beige carpet

Best Flooring for Cats?

Furry, fluffy, four-legged friends are some of our favorite pets. That's right – we're talking about cats! Cats are unique creatures, with some being lovable, loyal, and friendly, and others having a different temperament that is calm, sensitive, and independent. No matter what their personality is, though, cats share some characteristics that can wreak havoc in your home if your home is not prepared. Your flooring is a prime example because it serves as the canvas for your space, which is why it's crucial to invest in flooring that is equipped to handle cats and kittens! If you’ve ever been scratched by an irritated cat, you know that their nails are not a joke! Full speed or not, cats and their nails will dig in to your flooring. If you choose to invest in floors that are scratch-resistant, you’re ahead of the game. You won’t have to worry about cats running, playing, or walking on your brand-new floors when you think ahead and choose scratch-resistant options.



Cats shed, so it’s not a surprise that their fur ends up all over the floor with seemingly no end in sight. The best flooring for cats is easy to clean and leaves dirt and fur on the surface for quick pick-up. Another thing that cats can drag around your home is kitty litter. Litter ends up in all kinds of places, not just where the litter box sits. If you opt for flooring that is easy to maintain, you’ll spend a lot less time cleaning versus if you constantly have the vacuum out. Hard-surface floors are generally easy to maintain, and while hair and litter lands on the surface, it doesn’t get stuck deep down. A simple vacuum or broom sweep is enough to pick up hairs that pile up quickly from hard-surface floors.


Let’s face it, cat accidents are a real issue that we have to deal with. Just like other pets, cats have their own slew of mishaps that are likely to occur. While you won’t be able to predict when it’s going to happen, it’s pretty likely that an accident will happen occasionally. When it comes to liquid and solid pet disasters, you’ll want to clean them up as soon as possible. But what happens if you’re not at home when it all happens? Floors that are not water-resistant or waterproof can buckle or warp if not tended to quickly. To keep your floors looking their best, choose water-resistant or waterproof options. Luxury vinyl, tile, hardwood, laminate, and even carpet often offer unique water-resistance depending on the product, and each have individual features that make them ideal for cat owners!


Five Best Flooring Optoins for Cats

  1. Luxury Vinyl for Cats 

    Luxury vinyl flooring is a durable flooring product that is made with several layers of materials, put together to create a dimensionally stable floor. The top layer, or wear layer, is what helps keep stains, dents, and scratches from penetrating the actual flooring. It’s a good option for homes with cats because it is a reliable, durable floor.  Luxury vinyl is taking the world by storm with its gorgeous, visually inspiring wood-look planks. This flooring is stain and wear resistant, so you don’t have to worry about cats making a mess! Also, with its water-resistant and even waterproof options, liquid stains are no longer an issue. You can install luxury vinyl in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, finished basements, laundry rooms, and wherever you keep your cat box! Invest in luxury vinyl flooring that will not only wow you with its advanced technology and ease of maintenance, but also its charming designs and you’ll be happy you did.

  2. Tile for Cats 

    Are tile floors good for cats? Tile Flooring has been around for many years for good reason. It is constructed with clay and water and heated to high temperatures, which makes it stable and sturdy. Porcelain tile is the toughest of all three types of tile, so if you’re looking for the tile that will be perfect for your mischievous kitty, porcelain tile is a great choice. From bathrooms to mudrooms, laundry rooms, and living rooms, as long as you have a flat surface, you can install tile almost anywhere. Tile will stand up to scratches, wear and tear, and dents, and because it is so hard and durable, it won’t require constant maintenance. A simple scrubbing of grout lines and vacuuming up loose hair will suffice for cleaning a tile floor. Cat scratches, fur, kitty litter, and accidents don’t stand a chance against tile

  3. Laminate Flooring for Cats 

    What makes laminate flooring ideal for cats? Laminate flooring is made up of several layers of composite wood to create flooring that is sturdy but also budget-friendly. Its surface includes a wear layer with visuals that reflect looks of genuine hardwood. If you are set on laminate in your home with cats, be sure to consider the wear layer and scratch-resistance of the floor before you ultimately decide.

  4. Hardwood for Cats 

    Looking to add natural character to your home?  Hardwood flooring have long been the flooring of choice because of their charming, elegant looks and stable construction. While hardwood floors are not finished with the same materials as vinyl, you can choose hardwood that has a matte finish to lessen the chance of seeing cat scratches. Species like white oak, red oak, and hickory are better for cats because they can hide scratches and dents within the graining. In addition, to keep cat fur and shedding from becoming noticeable, opt for lighter colored hardwoods and hardwood floors that have a rustic or distressed finish. With more distressing and character, you won’t be able to see the scratches or individual issues as easily, since they’ll blend in with the design of the floor.

  5. Carpet for Cats 

    What about cats and carpet? While there has been a shift from carpet to hard-surface flooring styles recently, carpet is still an excellent choice for areas in your home where you hope to add softness and comfort. Because cats tend to enjoy pulling on carpet strings, avoid loop carpet styles where their nails would get caught. It’s also a good idea to choose stain-resistant or waterproof carpet, just in case there’s an accident! Also, carpet that has a big design or even carpet tiles with a pattern are an excellent choice for a home with cats, as they hide stains better than other, non-patterned carpets.

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