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Carpet Store in Twin Falls, ID

Carpeting offers a superior level of comfort and warmth that can’t be found in any other flooring option. Today, there are more carpet styles available than ever before, including everything from plush carpet flooring for homes to durable carpet tiles for businesses.


We at Pioneer Carpet One Floor & Home in Twin Falls, Idaho, are proud to be your neighborhood carpet experts. We have one of the area's best selections of high-quality carpets, and we also provide premium carpet installation services. No matter your design and performance needs, we have you covered. We’re proud to serve Twin Falls County and Southern Idaho.



Types of Carpet

Homeowners love carpet because of its versatility. There are simply so many different styles, colors, patterns, and constructions from which to choose. To make the best choice for your setting, you'll also need to consider carpet fibers. Some popular fiber types are wool and nylon. Wool carpets are made from natural materials, so they are soft and eco-friendly. They also are stain and wear resistant. For premium performance, take a look at nylon carpets. Nylon is a synthetic fiber that's made to stand up to everyday life. Our experienced team will walk you through the choices and give you advice on which flooring options are right for your particular needs.



Types of Carpet Fibers

Nylon is a synthetic fiber that’s incredibly durable and long lasting. It’s also soft to the touch and lightweight. Nylon carpets are not very stain and fade-resistant, so must be treated with a coating by either the manufacturer or by you. We carry a number of nylon carpet collections that have high-performance stain and fade-resistant treatments.



Polyester is a synthetic fiber and considered an economical alternative to nylon. Traditionally, it’s thought of as less durable and long-lasting than nylon, but newer generations of polyester are quickly catching up. Polyester naturally repels water-based stains, but still needs to be treated for stain-resistance from oil-based spills.



Olefin/Polypropylene is a synthetic fiber that’s known for its fade-resistance. It’s not as durable and wear-resistant as nylon and polyester, so not an ideal choice for high traffic areas. Like polyester, it’s hydrophobic, meaning it’s quick drying and resistant to water-based stains — but not easy to clean when it comes to oil-based messes.



Triexta is a synthetic fiber that’s technically a cousin to nylon, but displays more similarities to polyester. Unlike nylon, it’s naturally stain-resistant and doesn’t need to be treated. It’s also generally more affordable than nylon, but has the same elevated level of durability.   



Wool is a great option if you’re looking for a natural fiber that’s eco friendly and healthy. Wool carpet is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. Its curly structure also makes it crush-resistant and durable. Wool is generally more expensive than synthetic fibers, and it’s more prone to fading when exposed to sunlight. However, it’s soft, fire-resistant, and doesn’t retain odors.




Stain-Resistant Carpet Options

While no carpet is stain-proof, stain-resistant technology has become much more advanced. Carpet companies usually apply a proprietary stain-treatment to their products that blocks spills from sinking into the carpet fibers. This technology also makes the carpet easier to clean. It’s often complemented with odor-resistance to help fight smells from pet accidents and other sources. You’ll also find waterproof carpet options, which have a special backing that blocks spills from reaching the carpet pad and subfloor, along with fibers that repel liquid.



Where Can Carpet Be Installed?

Carpet has always been favored in places where family members gather and relax, like living rooms, dens, and bedrooms. You should avoid carpet flooring in bathrooms and kitchens, as it can harbor mold and mildew in these areas. We do have waterproof carpet floors, but these are designed for pet owners who need protection from the occasional accident, as well as finished basements. Additionally, we have commercial carpet flooring, including carpet tiles, for business spaces and heavily trafficked areas.



Our Carpet Selection

These are many things to consider when choosing the perfect carpet, so be sure to visit us in Twin Falls to work with one of our experts. We’ll help you make the best choice for your space, and oversee the installation to ensure your new carpet will look and function optimally for years to come. We offer great carpet prices, thanks to our membership in the Carpet One co-op, the largest flooring cooperative in the nation. This gives us more buying power, so we can bring you the same competitive prices you find in big box stores while also staying local.


As your neighborhood experts, we only offer the best carpet brands in the industry. We're excited to be an authorized Karastan dealer. Karastan carpets combine premium style and performance.


In addition, we have Carpet One exclusives such as Lees and Tigressá. To see our latest collections, visit us today.




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