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luxury vinyl flooring room scenes

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Store in Twin Falls, ID

Pioneer Carpet One Floor & Home in Twin Falls, Idaho, is your local retailer for all things luxury vinyl flooring. You’ll find several different styles, types, colors, sizes, and more when you shop at our showroom. Luxury vinyl is the budget-friendly alternative to hardwood or tile flooring, in they are built to look just like natural stone, porcelain, and ceramic. Instead of a broadsheet, vinyl tiles come in individual square and rectangular modules. Some even have artificial grout lines. Since vinyl tile flooring is synthetic, it’s cheaper than real tile and very resilient to cracking and chipping. Now you can have a quality-looking floor that is built to stand up to the toughest challenges.


Luxury vinyl is durable due to its wear layer and core construction. The scratch and scuff resistant wear layer protect the wood or stone look image underneath, to keep your floors looking spectacular. They are backed with multiple support layers giving the planks and tiles extra stability. It’s easy to install, takes relatively few time-consuming tools, and requires minimal preparation. This contrasts with real tiles, which have a labor-intensive installation process. LVT flooring is warmer and softer underfoot than natural tile, which can be cold and hard to the touch. Vinyl tiles often have a cushioned underlayment that helps insulate your space, while also absorbing noises and balancing imperfections in your subfloor. We have many waterproof vinyl tile flooring options, which are great for bathrooms and kitchens. Come to our showroom or check out our wide variety of luxury vinyl flooring online.



Types of Luxury Vinyl

Climbing up the ranks in popularity, luxury vinyl is quickly becoming one of the most desired flooring options on the market. Pioneer Carpet One Floor & Home has the latest and greatest in luxury vinyl choices when it comes to style. Not only do we offer a variety of styles, but we also carry a few different types of luxury vinyl, including tiles, planks, and waterproof options.




Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles are a unique flooring option because they are like traditional tiles but offer their own benefits. Luxury vinyl tiles are shaped like traditional tiles, in a square or rectangular fashion, but offer more comfort for standing over long periods because they are softer. They are ideal for areas like kitchens and bathrooms, playrooms, and offices.




Luxury Vinyl Planks

If you’re looking to get the hardwood floor look without the required maintenance, luxury vinyl planks could be perfect for you. Luxury vinyl planks mimic the hardwood look but provide a more stable dent and scratch-resistant surface than hardwood. These planks are perfect for families with pets and busy households because they are so sturdy and reliable. Luxury vinyl planks are also easy to clean and maintain.



Where Can You Install Luxury Vinyl?

Since luxury vinyl is so stable, you can install these floors almost anywhere in your home. Keep in mind not all luxury vinyl is waterproof, so options like Invincible H2O are best for bathrooms and laundry rooms because they are 100% waterproof. Luxury vinyl options that are simply scratch and water-resistant are great options for kitchens, living rooms, and even bedrooms. Since luxury vinyl can replicate such authentic looks, your guests will have a hard time telling they are not real wood or stone floors.



Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

Today’s luxury vinyl is nowhere near the vinyl associated with the 1950s. High-resolution photography and embossing techniques have transformed this type of flooring over the years so that it now looks unbelievably authentic and can mimic tile, stone, and hardwood. While many luxury vinyl products are water-resistant, waterproof choices are now available and quickly becoming a hot item. Several factors go into making luxury vinyl waterproof. To begin with, it’s made using a layered construction that’s exceptionally sturdy and resistant to warping when exposed to humidity, heat, and heavy foot traffic. It also has a core layer that adds cushioning and warmth is waterproof and prevents moisture from passing down and reaching the subfloor where it can cause serious damage. On the surface, waterproof luxury vinyl has a watertight barrier and is generally installed without seals to keep leaks from occurring. This is opposed to water-resistant luxury vinyl, which will repel moisture and spills, but if puddles are left to sit long enough, the liquid can sink into the surface and lead to problems.



Our Luxury Vinyl Selection

When you shop at our showroom in Twin Falls, Idaho you’ll find a wide variety of options to choose from. We carry Carpet One exclusive brands such as Invincible H2O, and we have other popular brands like Karndean, Mannington, and XL Flooring. At Pioneer Carpet One Floor & Home in Twin Falls, Idaho we are proud to provide luxury vinyl flooring to the area of Southern Idaho.




Learn More About Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl flooring room scenes

Luxury Vinyl Brands

We carry the best luxury vinyl brands available in our area. You can confidently shop with us knowing we are supplying you with high quality floors than can handle the daily challenges of your home.



Easy Maintenance

Caring for your new luxury vinyl floors can both help extend the life of your floor, as well as keep its appearance looking good as new. Here are few cleaning tips you can use at home.



Easy Maintenance


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