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Stain Resistant Carpet Brands

Finding the right stain resistant carpet brand

Choosing new carpets for your home is never an easy decision. Not only do you have to pick a color and pile style, but you have to take into account foot traffic and how active your home is.


Accidents on your floors are inevitable, especially if you have an active family or have small children or pets. Even then you have to consider how often you entertain guests, and then you remember your second cousin, three times removed who spilled chili all over your floors during that super bowl party.


Why spend endless amounts of money cleaning up the mess, when you can invest in a stain resistant carpet? Manufacturers have come out with newer and better technology, so now stain resistance is built in to the fibers instead of just coating them. Remember, stain resistant does not mean stain proof, and you still have to clean up spills and messes right away. The better you take care of your carpet, the longer it will last and retain its “new carpet” look.


Explore the different stain resistant brands we have to offer and learn about their differences.



STAINMASTER® brand carpets

If you have pets at home, durability and the ability to be easily cleaned are a hard combination to come by when it comes to carpet. That's why we carry STAINMASTER® PetProtect carpet, which is stain resistant and easy to clean because the fibers do not trap dirt, dust, or pet hair. To put their floors to the ultimate test, STAINMASTER® sponsored the 138th Westminster Dog Show and put down 8,400 square feet of carpet for shoes and paws to walk on.


Watch this video and see for yourself!



SmartStrand carpets

The best carpet in the world has been made even better. SmartStrand Forever Clean lets you have it all—unbeatable spill protection, built-in stain resistance, long-lasting durability, and much more.

Check out just how durable and easy to clean SmartStand Carpets are!


At Pioneer Carpet One Floor & Home in Twin Falls, we are proud to provide stain resistant carpet flooring to the area of Southern Idaho.


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